Astronavigation Data: Parr system, Outer Rim. Galactic Coordinates I-17. Orbital Metrics: 370 days in a year/ 27 hours in a day. Government: Local elected governor, with a council. Population: 15,000(33% Human, 33% Twilek, 34% Falleen) Languages: Basic, Twi’lek, Falleen Terrain: Archipelago Major Cities: Alema (capital) Areas of Interest: Starship ruins outside the capital, Jedi Temple.…



Crimson Jack’s battlecruiser

The ship was damaged during a battle with the Rebel Alliance, and left adrift. After the battle, it was discovered by the space pirate Crimson Jack and his gang, who proceeded to kill the remaining crew members and use the vessel as their own base of operations. They repaired and modified the ship with backing…

Crimson Jack

Crimson Jack, nicknamed “Redbeard” by Han Solo, was the Pirate Master of a gang of space pirates which operated in the Outer Rim. Although originally using gunships to carry out their raids, the pirate gang eventually discovered a crippled Imperial cruiser that had limped away from a battle with Rebel forces. After raiding the ship,…