The Raggedy Edge – Overview

Star Wars: The Raggedy Edge is a campaign that is primarily rooted in Edge of the Empire with some Age of Rebellion & Force and Destiny mixed in. The characters are the crew of Wayfarer-class medium transport Lightspeed Vagabond, making their way through life in the Outer Rim by taking jobs large and small, legal…

Zonama Sekot



E-XD Infiltrator Droid

E-XD infiltrator droids resembled protocol droids but were in fact specialized recon droids that were fitted with various integrated weapons including built-in blasters. When in protocol mode, their sensors were white. In attack mode, their sensors turned red and the droids were also capable of elevating their height. Infiltrator droids were capable of weathering extensive…




Imperial Sentry Droid

Imperial Sentry Droids were a type of droid used by the Galactic Empire to guard imperial installations. They were somewhat heavily armored, but were easily compromised by heavy blaster fire. Their programming was limited to identifying threats and dealing with them as quickly and efficiently as possible. They were equipped with repurposed blaster rifles.

Converting Over First Order Troops

The First Order rose from the ashes of the Galactic Empire, and continued the tradition of using Stormtroopers as their main military ground forces. There are five known types of First Order Troopers in the movies. Some can use new stats, others can be modified for. To create First Order Stormtroopers, Take the regular Imperial Stormtrooper stat block  and…