Eryk Liagri

Eryk Liagri is a Rattataki, who is a lieutenant in Blue Nova, a minor crime syndicate based on Nar Shaddaa. Due to his position, Eryk fancies himself as sophisticated, and collects antiques and artifacts. (Unbeknownst to him, some of his “priceless” collection consists of fakes.) One genuine piece in Eryk’s collection was the Casket of…

Lauler Charr & Raf Shrel

Lauler Charr was the head of the Charr crime family on Nar Shaddaa until Paglian caused the organization to quickly fall apart. Raf Shrel was the primary enforcer for Lauler Charr’s crime family before it fell apart at the hands of Paglian. He still works for Charr as bodyguard/enforcer.







The Raggedy Edge – Overview

Star Wars: The Raggedy Edge is a campaign that is primarily rooted in Edge of the Empire with some Age of Rebellion & Force and Destiny mixed in. The characters are the crew of Wayfarer-class medium transport Lightspeed Vagabond, making their way through life in the Outer Rim by taking jobs large and small, legal…

Zonama Sekot