Astronavigation Data: Parr system, Outer Rim. Galactic Coordinates I-17.

Orbital Metrics: 370 days in a year/ 27 hours in a day.

Government: Local elected governor, with a council.

Population: 15,000(33% Human, 33% Twilek, 34% Falleen)

Languages: Basic, Twi’lek, Falleen

Terrain: Archipelago

Major Cities: Alema (capital)

Areas of Interest: Starship ruins outside the capital, Jedi Temple.

Major Imports: None

Major Exports: None

Trade Routes: Corellian Trade Spine (closest)


Nagiv is the archipelago moon of the planet Parr, a system hidden deep in the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim. Nagiv is home to a lost Old Republic colony of Twi’lek, Falleen, and Humans, but more importantly, a small Jedi temple. Originally colonized in the days of the Old Republic, about 300 B.B.Y., Nagiv soon lost contact with the galaxy due to fierce pirate attacks that crippled the small colony and left both the colonists and the two Jedi who had come to defend them without means of communication or transport.

The colonists’ descendants have spread across five or six islands. Technology has eroded badly by galactic standards, blasters are obsolete, medicine is mainly herbal, although there are a few very old patched speeders, and repulsor trucks that still cough along due to some early mechanics that modded the power supplies to solar. Also, a few droids are left who have become the elders of the colony; they tell stories of the early days to anyone who will listen, though most of the people now are skeptical. One of the most important droids is an old R2 unit who keeps what’s left of the mechanized objects running.

Nagiv’s community is run by a Council and Governor, as in its founding days. The Council is comprised of two people from each settlement (12 total) and meets once a month. However, the faith of the people of Nagiv lies primarily with the Jedi. Nagiv is the only place in the known galaxy to have a Jedi Temple during the days of the Empire. The Temple is small, but is the largest building in Alema, the capital city. Built of stone, it also houses a chamber where the Council and the Governor can meet. Currently the Jedi number 150, and are from all the races on Nagiv. They live uninterrupted as in the days of the Old Republic, but with one notable difference.

Lightsaber crystals do not occur naturally on Nagiv. The only two existing are those brought by the first two Jedi. As a consequence, these are held in high regard by the most senior Jedi Master as ancient treasures. Most Jedi are well versed in staves as weapons and use of their force powers instead of lightsabers.

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