DS-9 Light Freighter

“Live the adventure without losing the comfort. In-system or cross-galaxy…the Corellian Engineering DS-9 light freighter–for the dashing sentient on the go.”
–from Corellian Engineering’s original ad campaign for the DS-9

Corellian Engineering’s DS-9 class ship is nominally called a “freighter,” but was actually designed with the private sector in mind.  It combines the best elements of a freighter with a personal space cruiser.  Many ordinary people buy the DS-9 for its increased cargo capacity combined with the crew accommodations which are more comfortable than a standard freighter.  Many less reputable beings buy the DS-9 for its reputation as being a craft for “would-be” smugglers and adventurers…that no serious smuggler would use one.

Despite its rather humble origins, the DS-9 is actually a rather versatile ship, and continues to sell fairly well…to both law-abiding and law-breaking citizens of the galaxy alike.


Sized down to roughly Millennium Falcon-size, the U.S.S. Defiant from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is one of the few ships from that franchise whose design aesthetic is a natural for Star Wars. Turn some perfectly-shaped hull plates on the “nose” into transparisteel, making that the cockpit, and the location and outer design of Defiant‘s bridge is the perfect spot to mount an (optional) weapon.ds9stats

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