Pursuit-class Cruiser

Art by Carmine Infantino & Gene Day, from Star Wars (Marvel vol. 1) #18.

The Pursuit-class was designed  by Kuat Drive Yards as a lighter, faster, scaled-down version of a Star Destroyer, and was used as a vital part of the Empire’s customs and border patrol operations.

Despite its size, the Pursuit-class cruiser was capable of attaining high speeds to follow suspect ships.  Its sophisticated sensor array enabled it to locate well-hidden ships.  It also boasted a top of the line signal jamming device, capable of scrambling all transmissions in the vicinity.

The elongated forward section of the ship was devoted primarily to the hangar deck and cargo storage.  A Pursuit-class cruiser carried a standard compliment of two TIE squadrons.  Some Pursuit-class ships took part in field testing of the TIE Advanced, with one squadron of TIE/ln fighters replaced with TIE Advanced.  Eventually, one of those squadrons  of TIE/ln Fighters will be replaced with the new TIE Interceptor.  The forward section also housed the same strong tractor beam employed by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer—the better to ensnare escaping ships.   In addition to the two TIE squadrons, the Pursuit-class cruiser also housed five Lambda-class shuttles and two Gamma-class assault shuttles.  A squad of 200 Stormtroopers was stationed aboard the ship, to participate in boarding parties.   The ship was defended by two turbolaser batteries mounted on the dorsal side of the main hull.

Many at KDY feared that the successful deployment of the Interdictor-class cruiser would lead to ceasing production of the Pursuit-class.  However, the Pursuit-class’ greater speed gives it an advantage in performing its assigned patrol duties.  In some prime trouble spots, Pursuits have been paired with Interdictors to use each vessel’s strengths in tandem.

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