E-XD Infiltrator Droid

An E-XD infiltrator in protocol droid configuration.

E-XD infiltrator droids resembled protocol droids but were in fact specialized recon droids that were fitted with various integrated weapons including built-in blasters. When in protocol mode, their sensors were white. In attack mode, their sensors turned red and the droids were also capable of elevating their height. Infiltrator droids were capable of weathering extensive damage in combat, possessed considerable strength and could leap great heights. They were also capable of scanning various objects and lifeforms and identifying them. Infiltrator droids could also

An E-XD in combat mode.

cannibalize other droids and drain their power. These droids were also programmed to pilot tactical infiltration pods and to operate transmitters. Breaking Imperial protocol, the droids were fitted with a proton warhead that would self-destruct if the unit was compromised.

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