tvrrourr-my-saberTvrrourr (often called “T,” “Tiv,” or “Roar” by Basic-speakers who have difficulty pronouncing the Basic translation of his name) was located by the Jedi in his infancy and taken to Coruscant for training. Upon turning 20 Standard years old (still quite young for a Wookiee), he was taken as Padawan by Jedi Knight Sarkai Juouo.

Tvrrourr was still learning under Sarkai’s tutelage when the Clone Wars began. Serving together with distinction, they were two of a group of Jedi – Padawans, Knights, and Masters alike – shipped out aboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer Ro-Ti Mundi, when it was trapped in the event horizon of a singularity. The ship was badly damaged in escaping the singularity, emerging some 17 years later. Tvrrourr found himself one of  the few surviving Jedi, and the ranking Jedi aboard.

As the survivors began to take stock of their situation, Tvrrourr discovered that the Empire had replaced the Republic, and also uncovered Obi-Wan Kenobi’s warning to avoid the Jedi Temple, find a place to hide, and also of the events of Order 66.

On a mission to obtain parts to repair the Ro-Ti Mundi, Tvrrourr developed an appreciation for loud, tropical print shirts and lost his left arm to a pirate who boarded the group’s shuttle. He obtained a cybernetic replacement replacement for the arm.

Stats as of 10/8/2016


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