Muur Talisman

The Muur Talisman was the first of the three Great Amulets created by the Sith Lord Sorzus Syn. Designed for her fellow Lord Karness Muur, the Talisman had the ability to turn other beings into mindless thralls that were at the possessor’s command. It was a powerful object of great antiquity and was mentioned in many Sith holocrons dating from before the Golden Age of the Sith. At some time the Talisman was buried in the Undercity of the planet Taris until 3965 BBY when the Mandalorian Pulsipher lead an excavation party to retrieve it.

Through use of dark side alchemy, any non-Force-sensitive that was struck by the Talisman became infected with the rakghoul plague and transformed more quickly than from rakghoul bites in the Under City of Taris. In addition to that under the command by a Force-user the Talisman could transform into rakghouls all suitable beings in much wider radius.

The power of the Talisman also allowed its claws to become legs for mobility and bound itself to anyone who called to it. The Talisman also stopped all aging in its host. But the greatest secret concerning the Talisman was that it housed the spirit of Karness Muur, who could speak to nearby Force-sensitives and appear as an apparition to whomever was possessed by the Talisman.

Roughly 250 years after the Battle of Endor, the Muur Talisman was encountered by an artifact retrieval team working for the University of Alderaan. During this encounter, it took the Wookiee Jedi named Mallajiorral as a host.


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