Huxley “Hux” Tarkin

Josh Hutcherson as Hux Tarkin

Huxley “Hux” Tarkin is a 19 year old male from a distant branch of the same family noted for Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin; they have the name, but not the money or power that comes with it, while gaining slight prestige and influence just based on the name.

Hux signed on to work the mines on RigadorĂ©, and found that life there under strict Imperial rule was less than ideal. When the Lightspeed Vagabond‘s crew arrived on-planet, he came into contact with Jaindo, who recruited him to quietly begin forming a Rebel cell there. Hux and several of his friends helped the group infiltrate the local Imperial Communications Relay Station by creating a non-violent diversion that drew the exterior security away from the station.

Hux will continue to build a cell on Rigadoré, eventually graduating to overt action against the Empire.

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