The Raggedy Edge, Chapter 1: Come Together

The crew of the Lightspeed Vagabond – Nzuri, Varrack, Jaindo, and The One – began the session on Nar Shaddaa, completing a dropoff, picking up a shipment of a new spice called Glowpowder, and awaiting the arrival of a passenger who will be returning to Naboo with them. Nearby, Eri’anya was being pursued by Levrek Nes, an enforcer for Eryk Liagri, a lieutenant in Blue Nova, a minor crime syndicate based on Nar Shaddaa. Eryk, who fancied himself a connouseur of fine art and antiquities, had been Eri’anya’s latest mark, but she had been uncharictaristically caught red-handed stealing the Casket of Crysium from his collection. Meanwhile, Paglian was also being pursued by Lauler Charr and Raf Shrel. Charr had been the head of the Charr crime family and Shrel his bodyguard, but Paglian had brought about the downfall of Charr’s operation. They happened upon the Vagabond, and managed to convince the crew to book them passage offworld. Their pursuit was observed by Hahljhardan, who – once Nes, Charr, and Shrel had been dissuaded – figured he might be able to make some credits by bringing them in. The Wookiee also booked passage on the Vagabond.

The crew’s passenger, Rotta the Hutt boarded the ship. The young Hutt was traveling to Naboo to take charge of new holdings there belonging to his father, Jabba the Hutt. Delivered to his estate, Rotta thanked the crew for their assistance, and gave them a tour of the estate. Of particular interest to some was his display of rare – and highly illegal – Jedi artifacts. Eri’anya managed to steal one of the databooks that had once been housed in the Jedi Temple archives without anyone noticing. Meanwhile, in the main hall, Hahljhardan stole a small golden statue of Jabba.

The group returned to their home base of Serenity, Naboo, where frequent client Lazy Jasmine provided them with the destination of the Glowpowder shipment: Adarlon. In Serenity, Levrek caught up with them again. Coming aboard the ship, he reclaimed the Casket, and was sufficiently tricked into believing Eri’anya was no longer aboard. With Nzuri having learned of the stolen statue, she told Kab, who went to meet with Rotta and smooth things over while the rest of the group finished the job on Adarlon. Rotta accepted Kab’s apology, but requesting a future favor in return.

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