Rotta the Hutt


Rotta Desilijic Tiure is the son of notorious crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure (more widely known as Jabba the Hutt). Unlike most Huttlets, Rotta did not spend the first fifty years of his life inside his parent’s brood pouch, as his father Jabba wanted him to directly experience the galaxy. Jabba continued this practice, despite Rotta’s kidnapping early in the Clone Wars.

Despite Rotta’s tender (by Hutt standards) age of 30, Jabba has installed Rotta as his proxy in charge of his recently acquired holdings and operations on Naboo, operating out of a once-abandoned estate along a coast between the cities of Serenity and Meonia.

Being young by Hutt standards, Rotta is slightly smaller as well as more mobile and agile than the typical adult Hutt. Rotta is also shrewd and, while not as decadently ruthless as his father, has no aversion to resorting to violence to achieve his goals. He has a fondness for Jedi lore and artifacts, not as trophies, but born out of appreciation for the Jedi who rescued him when he was younger.


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