The Raggedy Edge – Overview

Star Wars: The Raggedy Edge is a campaign that is primarily rooted in Edge of the Empire with some Age of Rebellion & Force and Destiny mixed in.

The characters are the crew of Wayfarer-class medium transport Lightspeed Vagabond, making their way through life in the Outer Rim by taking jobs large and small, legal and illegal. The ship is based out of the city of Serenity, in the southern hemisphere of Naboo. They receive free docking space in a hangar facility owned by the private paramilitary group called the Galactic Troubleshooting Network in exchange for occasional work for GTN. GTN, though, is a legitimate organization serving as cover for a Rebel cell, and those jobs done by the crew are usually jobs for the Rebellion that could compromise GTN’s cover.


Kab Hyoqui – Kab is the owner and captain of the Lightspeed Vagabond. Only Nzuri is aware that Kab was a Jedi, a Padawan near the end of the Clone Wars. Having survived Order 66, Kab fell into smuggling and learned that he had an affinity for it. After acquiring the Lightspeed Vagabond, Kab operated solo for a very short time. After meeting Nzuri and bringing her on as first mate, he began expanding the crew to operate the ship more efficiently. (GM Note: Kab was created by the GM when the intent for the campaign was round-robin GM duties. Instead, Kab now serves primarily as an NPC, usually staying behind to run the administrative end of the business now that there’s a sizable crew.)

Nzuri – The daughter of a Zabrak warrior father and a human/Zabrak diplomat mother, Nzuri found an affinity for both approaches to problem-solving. A former member of a militia formed in an attempt to drive the Empire from her village, Nzuri ultimately ran afoul of an Imperial officer and chose to take to the stars to protect her family from retaliation. She was Kab’s first hire, and serves as the first mate of the Lightspeed Vagabond. she was the only crew member who knew of Kab’s past prior to it being revealed to the crew at large.

Jaindo – Jaindo impressed Kab and Nzuri with her piloting skills as soon as they met her. Kab immediately offered her a job as the pilot of the Lightspeed Vagabond. She confided in Kab that she was a member of the Rebel Alliance, and through that association, she could provide them with a contact that might provide a location to dock the ship in exchange for performing the occasional job on the Alliance’s behalf through the Galactic Troubleshooting Network.

Verrack – A young mechanic, Verrack was taken in by Kab, who felt a sense of responsibility for the young Mon Calamari, and wanted to provide him with a purpose. Verrack takes his job of keeping the ship running very seriously. Although Kab owns the ship, Verrack takes the ship’s well-being personally, as if it were his very own.


The One – Known only by his nickname, “The One” came aboard as the Lightspeed Vagabond’s crew finished falling into place. With the dangers at large in the galaxy, Kab and Nzuri concluded that, in addition to their own combat skills, some additional muscle and firepower was necessary, and they found it in the form of a small, white Squib. The One has proven to be one of the most reliable and steadfast members of the crew.


Eri’anya Drayen – Although that’s the name she most frequently answers to, “Eri’anya Drayen” is no more her real name than any of the other dozen or so (or more) aliases that she keeps. A skilled manipulator, con artist, and thief, Eri’anya came aboard the Lightspeed Vagabond on Nar Shaddaa, playing the part of helpless, innocent victim pursued by an abusive former boyfriend (in truth, a low-level crime boss who had been the target of one of her heists). She took a position as the ship’s cook, but has found that she and the crew complement one anothers’ skills. (Plus, they help keep her safe.) Unknown to Eri, she also has a small degree of talent with the Force, which manifests by helping her influence others to trust and believe in what she tells them, enhancing her practiced skills at manipulation.

Paglian – Paglian came aboard the ship at the same time as Eri’anya. He had been an analyst within Imperial Intelligence, quite skilled at his job, until he discovered the dark uses that his work was being put to. He left without a word, assuming the alias Paglian, and began traveling from world to world, using his analytical nature and inventive means of problem solving to fight injustice in the galaxy. When he encountered the crew, he was being pursued by the head of a small crime syndicate on Nar Shaddaa that he had dismantled. While a competent combatant, Paglian prefers to convince others to fight his battles for him, or use creative means to take out those who would harm him.

Hahljhardan – The balding Wookiee bounty hunter happened to be nearby as Eri’anya and Paglian were pursued by the criminals they’d wronged. Correctly determining that there would soon be prices on their heads, he made his way aboard the ship, as well, offering to serve as medic. Although he’s given up trying to collect bounties on his shipmates (maybe), he occasionally leaves the ship to take his own, personal jobs.


Osimiri – The young Zabrak stowed away on the Lightspeed Vagabond, and upon her discovery, took an immediate liking to Nzuri and felt a kinship to Kab. Her memory spotty at best, Osimiri wants to go home to her sisters…but doesn’t really know where “home” is. She can “do things” with her mind…sense others’ emotions, move things, see visions. She has an affinity for animals, as well, and is often accompanied by a Kowakian Monkey Lizard that she liberated from an exotic pet store.

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