Lazy Jasmine


Originally from Coruscant, Lazy Jasmine is a Rodian spicer. She earned the nickname “Lazy” because she was anything but, working diligently to establish and grow her spicing operation. She is astute, fairly well-spoken, assertive, frequently quick-tempered and also vain. She is fond of grabbing a drink at her nightclub – the Jazz-Mine in Serenity, Naboo – and is not averse to fighting. She has a business relationship with the Hutts and has done work for the Black Sun. She recently got over a long-term relationship.

The Glowpowder Trade

Jasmine is involved with the Hutts in the distribution of a new spice called Glowpowder. Glowpowder is refined on Nar Shaddaa. Jasmine has contracted the PC’s to bring shipments from Nar Shaddaa to Naboo, where smaller shipments are dispersed to other planets, the PC’s contracted to make some of those runs, as well.


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