The Raggedy Edge, Chapter 2: Empire of Dirt

The crew is called to meet Keiryn Nyle, the CEO of the Galactic Troubleshooting Network. GTN is a private paramiltary organization for hire in the galaxy. This business serves as a cover for a Rebel cell headquartered in Serenity, and provides a legitimate rationale for weapons, vehicles, and other equipment. Kab has a long-standing deal with GTN in which the company provides free hangar space in exchange for the crew occasionally performing jobs for GTN that might otherwise compromise GTN’s cover.

GTN tasks the crew with going to Rigadoré and infiltrating Imperial Communications Relay Station 543K. There, they are to install a computer spike that will grant the anonymous Rebel propagandist known as the “Rebel Phoenix” with renewed access to the holonet, allowing the “Phoenix” to broadcast galaxy-wide with impunity. As a member of the Rebellion (a fact known only to Kab), Jaindo is privately given a secondary mission to recruit one or more locals to begin formation of a Rebel cell on Rigadoré. Meanwhile, Lazy Jasmine, who has somehow learned of the group’s impending trip, requests they take a small crate of Glowpowder, and try to open a new market for the spice. Before they can leave, they find a stowaway on the Vagabond: Osimiri, a young Zabrak girl able to manipulate the Force and who appears to be mentally unstable.

The team gains access to Rigadoré by Nzuri posing as a senator on a fact-finding tour of the planet, and the rest of the crew as her staff, with Paglian assuming the role of an Imperial liaison to her office. Landing in the town of Argovas, the crew sticks to their cover. In the local saloon, they encounter a Nautolan who expresses interest in starting a Glowpowder trade, and he provides his contact information. Jaindo also strikes up a conversation with a young man named Hux Tarkin as part of her own mission.

Hux agrees to create a distraction for the team, getting many of the colony’s younger residents to create disturbances with an impromptu loud party on the outskirts of the town, opposite the relay station. With most of the station’s security drawn away, the team infiltrates the facility and plants the spike without inciting a fight.


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